The company Maius d.o.o. was founded in May 2007. Primarily the company Maius d.o.o. offers high quality services in the department of legal and business counselling for clients within the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

The company Maius d.o.o combines a great number of legal and business experts with several years of experience gathered in different areas.

The solid basis of the company Maius d.o.o. consists of experts that after careful examination of each individual case present the client with optimal legal and business solutions that are innovative and creative.

All experts of the company Maius d.o.o. are devoted to their line of work, professional, precise and eager to bring high quality legal and business counselling to all of our clients.

The interests of our clients come first. The company Maius d.o.o. offers safety, proficiency, and reliability, when it comes to our client’s rights and interests.

The company Maius d.o.o. counsels and manages matters that arise from the fields of business law, civil law, tax law, labor law, social security, administrative and constitutional law, misdemeanor law, insolvency law, tendering procedures and public procurement, European Community law, and international business law. In the field of management consultancy the company offers counselling on corporate governance, finance, reorganization of companies, crisis management, compulsory settlements, bankruptcies and liquidations.

The company Maius d.o.o also counsels their clients on developing real estate projects and investment management.

Foreign clients are offered legal and business counsel in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Croatian/Serbian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese language.

The company Maius d.o.o. cooperates with several law firms, counselling companies and institutions in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

Being innovative, highly professional and ethic enables us to professionally carry out our work and completely satisfy each client's needs.