Legal counselling

In the framework of legal counselling the company covers the following professional sub-areas: business law, civil law, tax law, labor law, social security, administrative and constitutional law, misdemeanor law, insolvency law, tendering procedures and public procurement, European Community law, and international business law.

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 Management consultancy

In the framework of legal counselling the company covers the following professional sub-areas: corporate governance, financial counselling, reorganization of companies, crisis management, and insolvency counselling. We help the companies with financial recoveries or counsel them on how to end their commercial activities.

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 Areas of expertise

The areas of expertise of the company Maius d.o.o. are: counselling associated with business management, counselling for individuals with financial problems, developing real estate projects, legal and business counselling for foreign clients, and legal and business counselling for Slovene legal and natural persons regarding their activities abroad.

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The company Maius d.o.o helps domestic and foreign investors with their decisions on investing in projects in the Republic of Slovenia and the Balkan countries, and enables them to find safe investment opportunities; wherein we provide the security for the deposited financial means of our clients.

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Mission and vision

The company Maius d.o.o. wants to ensure high quality services in the department of legal and business counselling for all of its clients. We are able to do so with the help of highly qualified and competent professionals from fields of law and economy. The company Maius d.o.o also professionally cooperates with many counselling firms and law offices in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

The company Maius d.o.o. would like to become an important and internationally renowned counselling partner throughout the European Union. It wishes to broaden the scope of counselling services in the domestic market of the Republic of Slovenia as well as abroad, throughout the Member States.

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Until this day the company Maius d.o.o has counselled more than 1000 legal and natural persons from the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

The company has also conducted approximately 200 insolvency proceedings; such as compulsory settlement proceedings, liquidation proceedings for legal persons, and bankruptcy proceedings.


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